Monday, September 24, 2018


On The GoldFish Report No 275, Louisa discusses the POTUS in New York today discussing the collaboration of nations to fight illegal drugs that have led to systemic illness and death of too many citizens of the assembled nations. Also, topics covered include Rod Rosenstein's resignation and the mounting evidence of a politically motivated act of desperation on the Democrats to derail the SCOY+TUS confirmation vote. Jim Presents in great detail the not so coincidental relationships between Kavanaugh's accuser, abortion, CIA, MK Ultra Mind Control, in addition to the public statements of the so called other witnesses who claim this party never happened, the fact that Ford's attorney Katz works for a Soros funded organization..and much more. Jim also talks Israel's duping Syria into Shooting down the Russian plane and much more...To learn more about Jim Fetzer's research, books and articles, visit Google 'Nobody Died at Sandy Hook' to find a free DVD of the facts. To receive our Reports you can subscribe to our BITCHUTE Channel at and to become a Patron of The GoldFish Report you can go to our Patreon page at . You can also subscribe to our "NEW" YouTube channel at, and, follow us on Twitter at @ReportGoldfish, you can also follow us and like us on our 24/7 research news page at and to help support these and other programs please visit to make a donation. Thank you for your support and Thank you for viewing. Project Veritas Link: 8Chan Link: Jim Blog page: To View The GoldFish Report's POTUS Reports, you can visit our BitCHute page or view the unlisted report on YouTube from our POTUS Report page on our website at The GoldFish Report Archives can be found on our NEW ARCHIVE channel here: Weblink to Moon Rock Books Here: Jim Fetzer on Twitter: @JimFezer DISCLAIMER The following videos were created for educational purposes only. The content of this material strictly for research purposes, and readily available to the general public via the Internet. Viewing of the GoldFish Reports acknowledges that senders and recipients hereby agree to this disclaimer, thus releasing the source author from any and all personal liability. Also, individuals who alter or deviate from this source material, may be exposing themselves to the full extent of law. THE OPINIONS AND HYPOTHESES OF OUR GUESTS AND GUEST CO-HOSTS DO NOT NECESSARILY REFLECT THE VIEWS OF THE GOLDFISH REPORT POTUS UPDATE. AN OPINION AND HYPOTHESIS ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITH NEWLY PRESENTED RESEARCH AND EVIDENCE. THE GOLDFISH REPORT POTUS REPORT IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR INFORMATION THAT MAY BE UNKNOWINGLY INACCURATE, ALTHOUGH WE DO OUR BEST TO PRESENT FACTS, OUR GOAL IS TO HAVE THE CONVERSATION ABOUT DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVES OF WORLD EVENTS AND HOW THOSE MAKING THE DECISIONS MAY IMPACT OUR LIVES. VIEWER DISCERNMENT IS ADVISED. Copyright 2018 The GoldFish Report. All rights Reserved.

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  1. Those who control the energy control the people. But those who control their perception control everything. Wake up sheeple­čÉĆand read WHERE DID THE TOWERS GO ❓ Don’t be afraid of the truth. In the electronic age knowledge is a choice.


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